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A Projectionist is a person who operates a movie projector. In the strict sense of the term this means any film projector and therefore could include someone who operates the projector in a show . In common usage the term is generally understood to describe a paid employee of a movie theater. They are also known as "operators"
Some larger theater chains are now in the process of eliminating the projectionist's job altogether
In Britain,this started to happen early 2000 onward as labour laws were wiped out by then. The introduction of digital cinema projection, on a significant scale from approximately 2006-08, is rapidly bringing to an end the role of the projectionist as a professionally skilled operator of film-based projection equipment in mainstream theatres The major chains in the US and Europe are in the process of a large-scale conversion to digital projection, in some ways comparable to the mass installation of sound equipment in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The basic operation of digital cinema servers and projectors requires little more than routine IT skills and can be performed by a theatre's front-of-house and managerial staff with minimal extra training. Within a few years, it is likely that projectionists, in the traditional sense of the word, will only be found in the small number of arthouse, cinematheque and repertory theatres that will continue to show film prints from archival collections.


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