Filmography & Editing Club

After capturing Sunset Tree I wondered what it would look like from the tallest building in London. The Shard is sure impressive and has a great view of London,definitely wasn't easy capturing video up there though as tripods were not allowed and the double paned glass was reflecting alot of light back plus the floor shook as people walked past. I still gave it a go, resting my GH3 on the ground or against the glass and and had my trusted blutack for some timelapses with my iPhone. The photos were taken using Hipstamatic and graded in Instagram and BlurFX. The 2nd part from 2:50 onwards is all taken with the iPhone4S using the miniatures app.

So how did it compare to Sunset Tree definitely felt like the sun was far away up there and maybe the simple things in life are just more beautiful :)


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