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THE SPINSTER: An Epiphany (excerpted from, Sylvia Toy Ⓒ 2013)

I have realized that although I want to finish THE SPINSTER project, I do not want to make it into a real movie. I think the character is more interesting for me than the story is. I am ready to move on.

I hate it when a project that I put a lot of work into turns out just to be stepping stone to another concept, but that is what happens on an artist’s path as she follows her art around its ever-in-the-process-of-creation world.

Since I began this project, I have been thinking quite a lot about solitude. That is what is interesting to me about The Spinster. She does everything alone; she does not even share space with a cat; in fact, she barely even shares space with herself. That is what it is like for me at this point in my life being an artist: barely even sharing space with myself. ...

All year, I have had a feeling of not having enough time alone.


Perhaps The Spinster began to grow out of my solitude deficiency. But once I got into the project, I was drawing in order to get into character; and I became aware for the first time in my life just what a physical act drawing really is. As I designed The Spinster’s environment inside my head, I filled it so full of drawings and paintings that there is barely any room for her to do anything normal – like eating, sleeping and being alone. For one is never alone if she is surrounded by her own work in progress. And that, my friends is what the story is really about.

It doesn’t matter if The Spinster is a secretary who doesn’t even have a cat and draws walking down the street and riding the bus. What matters is that she’s surrounded by drawing inside and out, and that’s just dandy until you reach the threshold of realizing that having lived to make art for so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds, you are nearly incapable of having solitude.

Yes. I mean just that. And that is what I know and want to make a movie about.


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