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A collaboration between Austrian artist Ingrid Hörl, her unique painting style is her own and called "CubeMetrik". Russian model, designer, and music composer Elizaveta "Elizelle" Osokina, who created the musical score "Darkness". Russian photographer and filmmaker Ivan Plygun and American editor and producer Michael Zbinden. I hope you enjoy it.... Copyrights belong to Ingrid Horl, Elizaveta Osokina, Ivan Plygun and Michael Zbinden.

Based on a Fashion Film "ELIZA" Elizaveta Osokina

Elizelle - "Darkness"

Edited and Produced by Michael Zbinden
Star Assassin Productions

Director of Photography: Ivan Plygun

Artist (Paintings): Ingrid Hörl

Model and Music Composer
Elizaveta "Elizelle" Osokina


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