Filmmaking in Brizzle

Back in October, I got involved in a custom vinyl toy show put on by my dear friend Anna aka Sneaky Racoon! She was celebrating 5 years of ‘being’ Sneaky and that tied in perfectly with Halloween, so she invited a bunch of friends to customise a Kid Robot 'Munny' blank toy for an art show happening at the Kid Robot store in London!

So, inspired by one of my favourite 80’s cartoons ‘Toxic Crusaders’ I set about with a giant candle and some spray paint to create my homage to ‘Toxie’, the leader of the Toxic Crusaders! Throw in some old tea bags, a polystyrene ball and a whole tonne of lacquer and you get the above creation!

The music is 'Demonique' by AIM, from the album 'Cold Water Music' |!/jamfactory |


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