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I'm a long time DSLR Shooter and I had to say that I love to add up accessories to make it a better camera. One of them was a Viewfinder: Being able to shoot through a viewfinder like a 35mm camera, that gave me plenty advantage to work faster and better. However, I didn't like the feature of the sticky frame where you have to attach a frame at the back of the LCD screen. Also considering the fact that I own a 60D, It was nearly impossible to shoot with a viewfinder. Then, Carryspeed came up with a viewfinder around 2011. Where you will be attaching the viewfinder through a 1/4 thread. I loved it but it wasn't perfect. On June 2012, I received an email from Tim that they are working on a new viewfinder and it will be mind blowing. They didn't share any specs or anything at all but I was very excited since I know what carrypseed is capable of. Then they sent me the premodel pics and that gave me the confidence to review. All I have to say about this viewfinder are said in the video, I'm loving it! I bring it everywhere and every crew I work with is jealous! :))


The new VF-3 3" LCD video viewfinder is used to magnify the image on your Live View LCD to achieve more accurate focus, color, and exposure especially in when operating under bright outdoor lighting.
The LCD viewfinder attaches to your DSLR camera through a solid metal Quick Release baseplate designed with a non-slip, rubberized platform, and mounting threads to attach your tripod quick release plates.
With its extensive forward, back, horizontal, and vertical adjustments the Carry Speed LCD viewfinder has been designed to fit a variety of cameras.
Carry Speed’s 3x magnifying loupe uses high-quality glass optics with a built in diopter to adjust screen focus for those with less than perfect vision.
When not in use, the entire loupe can be used as a normal sunshade or detached completely using the baseplate quick release system
The Carry Speed LCD viewfinder for DSLR video cameras comes complete with a built in lens cover.


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