here's the first small test with the new firmware upgraded FS700, the S-Log2 and couple of more new function equipped.

Sony Japan is kind enough for letting me to play with this beta test version of firmware for 4K2K RAW upgrading coming this summer. right now it does only work with 8bit recording internally and externally.

for greater bit depth recording, you need to bring or send your FS700 to the Sony for hardware upgrade.

alright, "8bit recording with S-Log2?" that's the question we all have.

so i uploaded this footage and you will see the difference between S-Log2, couple of factory default PP, and few more popular setting i've used.

here's the list i shot with:
Filippo Chiesa's "My-Log"
Noah Yuan-Vogel's "nLOG v1.1"
Alister Chapman's "Maximum Dynamic Range PP"
AbleCine's "AB_NEXLOG"

shot taken by:
FS700 with beta test version firmware
Metabones Speed Booster
Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro IS
ATOMOS Samurai for external recording (ProRes 422 HQ)

1/50 shutter speed
ISO 640

speaking of ISO, please note that FS700 pump the base ISO to 2000 for S-Log2 gamma, for pushing the sensor output.

in the footage, you see some of setting clipped highlight. i set the light and camera with CINE 4 as reference and S-Log2 definitely has more space under the same condition. scope shows S-Log2 has over 10% more space in highlight area, to me it's pretty impressive.

as you see i did lined up the internal AVCHD footages and the external ProRes 422 HQ from ATOMOS Samurai. honestly i couldn't find any major difference between two of them.

here's the second test i did:
pass : 65408916

and the third one from dusk into night :
pass : 65874458

this footage is ungraded so please grab the original data from download button below and have fun with it.

once again, this firmware isn't final yet so don't judge this for now. you will get the final one very soon.

i would like to say thank you for Sony Japan. domo arigato.

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