SX-70 to EOS Lens Modification
Produced by @motzo
DigitalMarionette Productions

Opening Music Track copyright by DADO Dzihan

Second funky track used as a background music
"Take You Back" produced by KOOLADE
Koolade vs Rocky Mixtape

This is the first video in our Lens Modification Series.
It features the infamous instant Polaroid SX-70 a lens that many of us grew up with. This video shows a quick run through on how to modify this lens and its encasement onto a EOS DSLR camera.
In this example I use a cheap m42 bellows and a m42 to EOS adapter to adapt the Lens Mod to the EOS MarkII5D.

Footage at the end of the video of hummingbirds is showing the actual footage taken hours after the assembly of the lens of the humming birds outside of my studio. The footage was raw from the camera with flat settings it was not processed in any way except the obvious split screen at the far end of the video.
As time goes by, there will be some projects filmed with this lens and i will make sure to upload more examples of use of this lens.



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