Hi sad boys and girls :)

3D from 2D photography is a 6 minutes after effects and photoshop tutorial. (because we don't like blablas)

How to modify a picture in photoshop (2 minutes) followed by How to create a 3D animation from a photography (3.50")

- Create a camera (it's a layer)
- Activate the 3D icon on each photoshop layers
- Play with the focusing point and focal blur
- Move the camera all around.

download project and footage at

and have a look to the next step of 3d from 2d photography

and have fun!!

update : In this tutorial, I really don't know why I have choosen to put a 85% opacity on the Fill. There is no reason. Let the value set at 100% :)

Music: Land Ho! by Thee Moths (


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