This is one part in a series of pieces that we will be doing on those that we surround ourselves with. We know some pretty amazing people with some incredible passions and we want to showcase those. The trick is getting our friends to understand or believe that what they love is interesting to others.

I'm always fascinated by what those around me are capable of, and I just wanted to be able to share this.

This is the piece is entitled "Catching Up". It's about riding. It's about routine, it's about heartache, and it's about reclaiming that which you love most in life. I'm proud that I know someone so dedicated, and passionate about his craft that he spends 6 days a week, and countless hours a day perfecting what he does.

He rides on a team, he rides in races, he wins races, he places in races. He is one of the most dedicated and professional people I know when it comes to riding. I had the chance to be out on a ride with him (even if I am in a car), and what he is able to do with his machine is more impressive than I would've thought.

Directed/Edited By John Jenkins
Directed/Camera By Gaelyn Jenkins
Color By Kevin Jardin
Audio Mix By Phil Lantz


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