As the first non-cycling project from the CMH HQ, the "Imaginary nightride sessions" takes your mind on a trip in each selected city, guided by a local dj, inspired by the vibes of the streets. INRS is a collection of mixtapes that offers musicians to invite the audience to their hometown and show them around using the international language of music. Cruise downtown with your crew on a busy summer night, get lost in dark alleys and smoke filled bars, wait for the sunrise on top of the tallest building, be the only one on the street on a rainy sunday - there are many ways to experience the same place. And many things that are always the same no matter what part of the globe you ride. Its all about exchanging the sensations.
Sit back, relax your legs and enjoy the ride!

ps.: CMH doesnt support listening to music while riding in traffic, we recommend you use all your senses to be safe and to live the moment at it fullest while you are on the roads!

music in the video: DYNASTY - Sweet music


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