Shot on Flaat

Taken from a Kodak Folding camera from 1914, this meniscus lens (one element) is placed in a EOS cap with a bellows. The aperture limiter was removed to obtain the soft focus. The focal length is 115mm and the aperture about f/5.6.
I used an extraordinary Picture Style called FLAAT_2 made by Samuel Hurtado, free to download in his site.
The contrast is set at -4, the saturation at 0, and NO sharpness.

NO COLOR CORRECTION, straight from camera, no sharpness added.
Made with Magic Lantern. Thanks A1ex.
Transcoded with 5DtoRGB.

You can read the story on our blog:

MUSIC: Toots Thielemann "Ne me quite pas"

I would give an arm for a Pinkham & Smith lens, but in the meantime .....


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