Shot on Flaat

I shot this acoustic session for singer/songwriter duo CityLights (links below), in association with All Round Artiste clothing store ( on a scorching afternoon in a local park. This is one clip from a multi-part session.

Camera: Canon 550D, handheld rig & monitor.
Lenses: Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.7 (interview shots), Canon 10-22mm wide-angle (everything else).

I used Magic Lantern for added functionality and the Flaat_10 picture style (better than Technicolor's CineStyle in my opinion). Very nice skin tones and overall colour reproduction and good exposure latitude.

Audio: x1 Shure SM58 mic fed to a Tascam DR-100 recorder (only had one mic on short notice!) Mic was placed to accent the lead vocalist and angled toward the mouth to help avoid an overpowering guitar. Horrible placement for framing, but had to be done! The bandstand we shot in added some nice reverb (boosted a little in post, plus some EQ). No multi-track mixing for us! Not an ideal setup but the results are pretty good.

Editing: Premiere CS6, no grading other than basic saturation boost and contrast/levels adjustments.

CITYLIGHTS (for more clips)


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