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A Saffron bun, is a sweat dough bun flavoured with saffron. It is in the shape of a reversed S.
The Saffron Bun is traditionally baked and eaten around Advent leading up to christmas, but also on Lucia on the 13th of December.

Saffron Buns Recipe
(35-45 buns)

1 sachet of dry yeast
200 ml sugar
1 tsp salt
1500-1700 ml plain flour
150 g butter
500 ml milk
2 sachets of saffron (1 g)
250 g sour cream
2 eggs

How to do it:
-Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl (only 500 ml of the flour).
-Melt the butter.
-Add the milk to the butter and heat to body temperature.
-Add saffron and sour cream and stir.
-Mix the dry ingredients with the fluid.
-Add flour to the dough until the dugh is firm, but not to hard or dry. It should be a little bit sticky.
-Let the dough rise to double its size (about 50 minutes)
-Knead the dough thoroughly.
-Divide the dough in to smaller pieces (as mentioned above, you can get 35-45 saffron buns depending on the size you want).
-Roll the dough in to long pieces, then roll the ends toward each other to make the shape of a reversed S.
-Allow the buns to rise for about 30 min.
-Brush beaten eggs on the buns.
-Decorate with raisins.
-Put them in the oven for 8-10 minutes.


Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6


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