The Food Group

Little did the Blind Pig crew know that as we passed through the gorge from North Carolina to Tennessee, there was Ice Cream awaiting us at the Cruze Dairy Farm.
I must say, this wasn't just any old Ice Cream, this was the kind of Ice Cream that I used to taste on a summer Sunday afternoon at my Grandparents house. Traditionally, my Grandfather would set-up his churn and nurse his homemade Ice Cream to perfection. For me, those days have been gone for quite a while now. That is, till I tasted Colleen's Ice Cream!
Earl Cruze has handed to Colleen the work-ethic and knowledge, to keep their families heritage going. Their fresh dairy products are a culinary treasure.
Most of us have heard the stories of our parents and grandparents days, when the milkman would deliver milk to your doorstep, fresh from the dairy.... This is what that must've tasted like!
Fortunately for us, Colleen and her fellow "milk-maids" are bringing that old-time, hand-made flavor back, and then some!
Thankfully and a little by accident, she has inherited her father's passion for the dairy farm.

This is a companion piece to the "Blind Pig" magazine- "Underbelly" and the "Preserve" film documentary project.


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