Fort Worth Filmmaker

A short overview for a Smoke/Flame pipeline that starts with Avid(Editorial), sent to the Colorist(Resolve), and conforming the final Smoke XML sequence with both the RAW footage and the Graded footage.

0:04 - Conforming Avid EDL inside Davinci Resolve Lite.
1:21 - Exporting Graded Dpx Sequences with handles from Resolve.
2:19 - Export Graded QT ref clip from Resolve.
2:43 - Export XML from Resolve for Smoke/Flame.
3:15 - Import Graded, and Raw files into Smoke/Flame.
3:46 - Conform Graded XML sequence.
5:23 - Conform RAW XML sequence.
6:51 - Combining RAW/GRADED/RAW-REF/GRADED-REF to one sequence.
8:36 - DPX file sequence Naming Convention Breakdown/Definition.


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