Found Footage

Two found companion 16mm film prints (salvaged from the garbage at the National Film Board of Canada) are simultaneously reunited in a coda to their original composition. The image is worked in multiple generations through betamax and vhs tape decks to weave threads of video artifact into the celluloid fabric.

Previously screened at:
- Open City Cinema - Lines of Perspective (2013, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA)
- Big Muddy Film Festival (2014, Carbondale, IL, USA)
- Beacons Festival (2014, North Yorkshire, UK)
- Analogica (2014, Bolzano, ITALY)
- Index Arts Center's FILMIDEO (2014, Newark, NJ, USA)
- 222Lodge: The Drift (2014, Dordrecht, NETHERLANDS)
- Euroshorts Film Festival (2014, Warsaw/ Gdansk/ Katowice, POLAND)

© Christine Lucy Latimer, 2013


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