Voici la première fiction indépendante tournée avec la nouvelle et mystérieuse Penelope Delta d'Aaton.
Les images de cette camera sont très rares et nous vous proposons d'en apprécier le rendu au travers de cette vidéo test.

Un documentaire sur l'utilisation de la Penelope est en cours de montage et sera prochainement mis en ligne.

It was shot in Raw 3.5K at 25fps with the Arri Masterprime serie and the Optimo 28-76mm zoom. (classic soft 1/4 filter)
Graded in DaVinci Resolve 9 by Clement Nachbauer and edited on Premiere CS6 by Sebastien Renardet.
"Lucy From Paris" is the first independent short film shot with the mysterious Aaton Penelope Delta.

This third episode, delirious film about an English girl landing in Paris is in fact the opportunity to test this camera on a real shooting, to show you what is possible to do with the Aaton when it used by technicians who actually work in fiction.

A documentary on the footage will be soon available.

Here some screenshoot from Prores HD and some photos from the set :

Thanks for watching.

Directed by Stéphanie Varela
Director of Photography Josselin Billot
Scenarist Philippe Barrière
Camera, lens and accessories by
IDpix Productions


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