One week in - Norway II

I have now spent many hours on freediving in Norwegian waters, and I never thought I would be able to swim with sharks in their great fjords. But it was possible - Epic.

A year has passed since I made the first version of One week in Norway ... This is not a remake, but rather a new summary of an other fantastic trip. This trip we spent even more time in the water. Clear healthy water with loads fish makes freedivers happy.

One of the most exciting moments must been when we met a school of dogfish (sv; pigghaj, no: Pigghå (Squalus acanthias)) at reef, 10-20 m depth. We also found some spices of rays.

Besides the lovely freediving, we caught many delicious fish which we cooked in the best way with heaps of garlic, butter, wine, herbs and cream.

Thanks to all the fellow travelers for a fabulous trip

Johan Axelson
Jon Holmdahl
Ernst Hellby

Sverker Högbom

Gustav Groth

Jonathan Larsen

 Röyksopp - Röyksopp forever.

Camera: Canon 7D with various lenses, underwater GoPro Hero with dive housing (flat lens)


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