Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm User Group

Perhaps the most interesting image difference I found between the FS100 and the AF100 was when I put them both up on "The Wringer". This is a chart from DSC Labs designed to test ultimate color resolution and aliasing.

On this chart, there are concentric rings of alternating colors. This is a great chart to find out how your 4:2:2 color compares against 4:2:0, for example.

In this case, I recorded both cameras directly to an external NanoFlash recorder, in top-quality mode, 4:2:2 intraframe at 280 megabits per second. This was in an attempt to capture every bit of detail each camera was capable of outputting.

The results are pretty surprising. The FS100 shows a LOT more aliasing than the AF100 does. It's especially evident in the red/blue wedge in the upper left corner, and the pink/green wedge in the lower left corner. Both cameras handled the yellow wedge on the right side of the chart well, but the AF100 did substantially better than the FS100 when it came to rendering the blue/red and pink/green rings. The AF100 also did a lot better job than the FS100 with the cyan/purple wedge in the upper right.

Overall, the AF100 just shows a lot cleaner image in terms of resolved information without aliasing artifacts than the FS100 does, both in the bricks image and in the chart images.


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