A fulldome (planetarium) visualisation of three microCT volumetric datasets rendered in Drishti.

They include: (i) Liver Lobe, Rabbit liver illustrating venous and arterial (orange) systems; (ii) Interior of a lizard head (common garden skink); (iii) Fossil fish eyeball (Placoderm), 410 million years old, found in Wee Jasper, NSW.

Ajay Limaye, Peter Morse, Paul Bourke.
Vizlab, Australian National University.
WASP, University of Western Australia.

Featuring fisheye volume rendering from Drishti.

Fossil fish eyeball (Placoderm). Gavin Young, ANU Common garden skink. Tim Senden, ANU
Rabbit liver lobe. Tim Senden, ANU

©2008 by the artists.

j vimeo.com/1638356

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