Full Sail DAP

Shot 1 – EXT Rock Face - Medium Close Up - Continuous Shot
I have decided to use my footage from a climbing trip. The two characters are at a rock face preparing to climb. The Climber says to the Bilayer, “climbing” and the Bilayer say’s back “climb on”. The climber starts climbing as the Bilayer takes up the slack in the rope. Sounds that need to be included; characters speaking to one another, as well as the rope and metal climbing gear rubbing against the rock and the Bilayers gear. The climber could be breathing hard as he climbs up the rock face. The sound of wind and birds might add to the idea of being outdoors. The characters voice-overs, rope and metal climbing gear are a must but the rest is up to you. It was very windy on this day, you can’t see it on the video but the mic on the helmet cam was blown out several times from the wind.

What I did was add audio of the two characters speaking. I also added heavy breathing, birds and wind. In addition I added the rope and metal climbing gear effects. Basically everything asked of by the director I added. I think it turned out well. I could've lowered the voice and put sound of wind and such noises in the background.

j vimeo.com/53373741

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