Game Developers

Quick video showing some of the work I did for one our most recent projects for this years Gadget Show Live.
Brief was to create a mass audience controlled game using the Gadget Show presenters with an olympic theme.

I created all of the assets, including the 4 presenters avatars, the athletics stadium and created all of the avatars animations.

Crowd split in to 4 sections, each controlling one of the four presenters. Game is controlled by analysing the crowds sound and movement.
In order to build up speed, they need to clap in time with the clap'o'meter and need to throw their arms in the air when they want their presenter to jump in the air. Depending on how well they do this, their avatar will jump further. With an overall aim to beat the long standing Olympic Record.

6,000 crowd members at a time, 3 shows a day over 4 days.
Soundtrack: Metronomy - The Bay


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