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You are probably asking yourself "What the hell happened here!??" Good. After more drama than an episode of LOST, Marcel (Level Editor) and Cypher (Music) have both quit the team (good riddance). Kendall (Engine), Pritam (Concepts/Pixel Art), and Thomas (Music) have all joined the party. We're back, and we're pissed.

First of all, this is not "The Adventures in Game Development Chapter 17." With all of the new blood on the team, we're determined to break new ground in computer science, engineering, art, music, and software development. We would like to concentrate on the development of Elysian Shadows rather than the development of a generic engine and editor as AiGD did. We are also trying to show the entire development process INCLUDING areas such as art and music from team members who aren't even in the same country.

Marcel (and his level editor) have been replaced by Alex (MarauderIIC). He began writing a new level editor from scratch a few weeks ago. It is being written in C# and has shown a significant amount of progress in a very short amount of time.

Kendall and Falco have ripped the entire ES Engine to shreds and have started a rewrite in order to accomodate a plethora of newly planned features for ES (rigid body physics and PSP port to name two). Kendall is currently working at a higher level on the engine itself. Falco is working at a lower level to create a multiplatform library "libGyro" capable of powering Elysian Shadows on the PC, Sega Dreamcast, and Sony Playstation Portable.

Pritam has been working his ass off to create concepts for every party member based on our storyline. It's a tough job, and just one character has taken dozens of iterations to tweak to perfection. Once the character concepts are complete, sprite creation can commence.

Thomas, our newest recruit, has been working on sound and audio production for a couple of weeks now. After presenting us with a demo that literally blew us away, we knew that we wanted him. He has been experimenting with fusing different kinds of sounds including orchestra, electronica, and elements of rock to create a unique atmosphere for Elysian Shadows.

Affiliate News:

Bop N Pop 360
Everybody's favorite Golvellius 3D developer has been working on a side-project for the Xbox 360. It is currently being reviewed and playtested by the XNA developer committee and will be available for download via Xbox Live shortly. Give a round of applause to the man who has achieved all of our dreams: releasing a game.

New Gyromite
For those of you who didn't know, our good friend, JS Lemming, has been working on his very own remake of the NES classic "Gyromite." Features include revamped graphics, new levels, and bitchin' gameplay mechanics, all in 720p. Venture over here to have a look.


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