Video by Bishop Zareh

The solemn towering resilience of Siberia's tree-scape provides the backdrop of inertial movement, obscured and distracted by virtual lines and boundaries that move with a pattern slightly too complex to predict. The rules of their space define our ability to perceive our own forward movement.

But deep within this internalized exterior space are dancing lights which move in a new dimension. One whose reality more mimics our physical memory, our memory of being outside of the virtualized exteriority.

The movement of light still occurs within the music, but slightly offset from it. The hard and sharp and angular come in unforgiving waves, while the lights are too far off to be swing, too infrequent to be syncopated, connected yet shifted out of phase.

Music by Slava

"Moscow-born, Chicago-raised, Brooklyn-based producer Slava can offer the armchair musicologist hours of entertainment dissecting his attempt to reunite house's splintered factions. Analysis aside, it's also a very solid collection of viscerally compelling dance music."
- Pitchfork,


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