GEW Video Competition

Hi there!

We are one of the top 15 teams from NTU ideas Inc business challenge 2011 as well as the finalist team from Rotary Youth For Social Enterprise Challenge (RYSEC)2011. To be an entrepreneur, one will have to innovate new ideas and create new products/sevices.

It is a tough journey by creating a new product out from scratch. From the industrial designers, the engineers and the manufacturers all the way to marketing the product. All these efforts would be meaningless if there is no passion for entrepreneurship.

In this video, we are showcasing the multi applications for our product, VO. Powered by clean renewable energy, this tile is ablt to emit light whenever a person steps onto it.!

Entreprenueship is fun. Entrepreneurship is to create. That is what it means to me and that is what the video is conveying.


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