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Second session with the GH1. Went down to Abbey Mills near Wimbledon.

Generally okay, starting to get a better feel for what the camera can and can't handle. Still get a bit of 'mud' with busy scenes and high frequency noise (water ripples, leaves, etc).

I think I've detected some duplicate frames in some of the footage, and will investigate further. Obviously shooting at 50fps and only using every second frame for 25fps makes this less of an issue, but could still be annoying. Will try to narrow it down to a root cause.

Uncorrected footage.

Song: Love Me Like a River Does - Melody Gardot


Kit Lens
Creative Movie Mode
Manual White Balance: 5500K
ISO 100
Smooth Film Mode
Contrast -2
Sharpness -2
Saturation -2
Noise Reduction 0

based on info at and two excellent posts at HodRodCameras:


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