Panasonic GHx & micro4/3 Community

1) Food Container. Top 3.5in W X 4.5in L. H 4.375in.
2) Before & after.
3) Mod: 1in Dia port.
4) Hoodman 3.0 Magnifying eyecup. Model HMAG 3.0. Showing cardboard loupe collar.
5) Split cardboard loupe collar, gaffer taped.
6) Loupe & collar in place.
7) Loupe taped to base of food container.
NOTE: Loupe magnifier may be replaced with a cheap plastic spy glass lens, from your $2 shop. Glue lens inside base. Ensure you have sharp focus @ distance of 4.375in.

Clip in park showing setup in use with Lumix 20mm F1.7 @ F11- infinity focus. The lens may also be used with .46 WA adapter. = 18mm ap.
NOTE: Lens @ F11or F8, sharp focus. Unfortunately @ F4-2.8 etc, lens is soft focus!!!
BMCC mounted on $30 Ebay tripod!!! hence the jitters, sorry.
Camera settings: Film, ProRes 800 iso.
Edit, brand spanking new FCPX !! on brand spanking new 27in hot rod Imac. Nice.


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