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Solely shot this for practice to what may come a short independent car film.. just a short scene of a pull with mixture of shots and audio.. Sylvester's Mk5 APR STAGE 3 GTI was used in this short. Dialogue in this piece was completely made up, none written down.

- So this practice of shots and audio capture and mixing has some mistakes to learn from.. don't need to say what, you can see and hear in the video... more to come!!!


- My Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH2: Hack; 24p, Cinema mode, approx. 60mbit and Canon 50mm Lens
- My Buddy Camera: Canon T3i: kit lens, progressive mode

Majority was shot with GH2 except begining of second scene with GTI pulling in parking lot

AUDIO: 2 different shotgun mics used

- RODEO short shotgun mic used in close up scenes..
- AZDEN SGM 2 used in all GTI pull scenes.
- GH2 on board camera mic, used very last shot.


FCPx for all editing, and audio mixing.


I'm happy with the editing of the pull, and i'm extremely happy with the low light quality with my Hack GH2 and Prime lens at night, I love the color grading, it made it look more film than HD video, and I'm happy with the audio from the AZDEN SGM x2... EXCELLENT


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