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First test with our GH3. Tested for moire, skewing, gradation, tearing, color, etc. Shot at Standard -5, -5, +5, -5 and then color-graded using our standard grading (RGB curves, luminance curves, & desaturation) to see how it would hold up.

First impressions:
- Better with fast motion than GH2 -- no significant tearing even in fast-motion situations
- One of the first improvements I noticed was the color... Wow... Canon's always had the edge, and I always had to admit that my GH2 was inferior to my 5D in terms of color. Not anymore.
- Color leans a little too much toward magenta, but the incredible new White Balance options help out a lot with eliminating any undesired tint
- Moire wasn't as bad as I was expecting. For most practical applications, it's non-existent
- Skewing's still pretty bad, although improved. Definitely noticed it a lot while shooting photography in electronic shutter mode. Would love global shutter on the GH4 (along with 4K... am I dreaming??)!
- Much better form factor than the GH2 -- able to dangle the camera from a couple fingers with the new grip; GH2 would have slipped in no time. Seems to be the perfect medium between the miniscule GH2 and bulky Canon 5D
- The new silent-operation menu on the touchscreen is fantastic for adjusting any crucial settings while capturing audio without pressing buttons and creating all of the usual clicks
- Wifi range was incredible compared to what I was expecting (easily got several hundred feet away from the camera in an open space with my Droid Razr without any glitches. I was expecting more like 60 feet, like the GoPro Hero 3
- Wifi does have some annoying glitches, however, such as being able to start recording but not stop it using a remote device (unless I simply haven't discovered how yet)
- Timecode.... THANK YOU, PANASONIC!!! You've just saved me so many hours in the editing room for my multicam shoots
- Would love an XLR input / accessory... that would make this even more of a killer production camera
- Can't wait for some firmware updates such as focus peaking, although it usually isn't too hard to manually focus with the Voigtlander F/0.95 and incredible new, slightly bigger OLED
- When this thing gets hacked... look out! Can't wait for higher bitrates during 1080/60p recording

Location(s): Commerce St, Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
Recording date(s): January 29, 2013
Videography: Devin Olson
Cameras: Panasonic GH3
Lenses: Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95
Rigging: Konova Slider K3 w/ Manfrotto 128RC on Manfrotto 190XB w/ Manfrotto 502HD
Editing: Devin Olson
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 10
Soundtrack: Kevin MacLeod
Resolution: 1920x1080p
Framerate: 23.976fps (ALL-I)
Bitrate: 72mbit/s

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