Passionate about GH3 and GH4

A visual overview of the Panasonic Lumix Link v2.1.25 App for iPhone/ipad and Android on the new Panasonic GH3 camera. All in all this new Lumix Link App update is fabulous.
Update: iphone 5 users are experiencing problems with this new Lumix Link software for the GH3. No doubt there will be a rapid turnaround to fix this.

What we need in the next update:
1. Viewing on phone enabled when movie recording and NOT covered by the countdown dialog.
2. The ability to Zoom, change ISO, etc from phone whilst recording.
3. Timecode over Wi-Fi or open source the API so developers can improve on applications.

INFO: Lumix Link v2.1.25 (Added 4th Dec 2012)

▪ “Aperture”, “Shutter Speed”, “Exposure Compensation”, “ISO Setting”, “White balance” can be adjusted while monitoring live view image of camera in remote control.(GH3)

▪ Focus control using a variety of “AF(Auto Focus) mode” and “MF(Manual Focus) mode” is available in remote control.(GH3)

▪ ”Touch Shutter” enables focusing and shutter release by just touching the target point on the camera’s live view image in remote control.(GH3)

▪ All settings in the camera’s “Q(Quick)-MENU” can also be adjustable in remote control.(GH3)

▪ Video can be recorded with timer setting in remote control.(GH3)

▪ Images can be transferred to the smartphone / tablet automatically right after shooting.(GH3)

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