Passionate about GH3 and GH4

I tried to make "Cinema Look" by using "cineLook for HDSLR's" and "Gorilla Grain".

"cineLook for HDSLR's" :not use Film Effects(Grain,Dust,Hairs)
"Gorilla Grain":use Fine Grain and Dirty Version*

Pana14-140mm+GENUS 62mm ND Fader Filter
MOV 24p IPB,SS1/50,Aperture Open,ISO200,WB Auto,NATURAL(-2,0-2,-5),FCPX

*Gorilla Grain Naming Convention
Fine Grain- Shot at a low ISO this grain gives you a subtle refined grain look.
Med Grain- Shot at a med ISO, this grain is a little more defined.
Coarse Grain- Shot at a high ISO, this grain is very harsh.

Clean Version- No Hair, No Dirt and No Flicker
Muddy Version- Hair, Dirt and No Flicker
Dirty Version- Hair, Dirt and Lot's O' Flicker


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