Passionate about GH3 and GH4

As soon as you arrive in Bath you can sense that it is a beautiful and special city, with it's rolling hills and magnificent sandstone buildings. Due to the Easter break there was a great spiritual feel there and I was lucky enough to capture a glimpse of the Bishop of Bath & Wells, my kids thought he was the Pope. When I capture the world around me I look for for a few things that are poignant and are contrasting, I think I found some here. The statue of a young woman's face, an old man walking with his stick, an old lady very much alive and a boy walking on the edge. At the same time I made a timelapse with my iPhone :)

Captured on my GH3 (updated firmware new video settings used1080P 28Mbps (MP4) no PAL update for Studio 8.5 though, all handheld apart from one shot and no post stabilisation or grading, I reduced the contrast -2 in settings, manual exposure and settings 14-140mm lens mostly used, macro 45mm Lecia used for close up shots and Voigtlander 25mm inside the Abbey. I had returned the first GH3 due to viewfinder issues, this one is a little better, I am waiting for the 35-100mm lens again, definitely a brilliant lens and sure do miss it. There is a lot to explore with the GH3 and it is very easy to use, very stable and post production is easy. I do find though that it is harder to colour grade and MBL doesn't work too well unless you tweak it. I hope you enjoy the morning with me :)

All music from the Vimeo music store and yes the horses did respond to my whistles :)


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