GLSL shader programming

Troy Nickel was kind enough to let me work with his Miku character.

The entire point of me starting work on this character was to further develop NPR.
This stuff is tough.
While I am a long way from the result, I feel that I'm now closing in on the look rather quickly now.
I wanted to get "revison 1" down before I get too much further.

Troy creates some of the best character meshes that I've encountered. The model was a breeze to work with.
I've solved *most* of the simulation challenges for a character like Miku, however, the larger challenge of NPR is still something that I need to solve. I will be continuing to work with Miku over the next 6 months (at least) to generate something that Troy is happy with.

The hair simulation uses a realtime softbody lattice retargeted to the ponytail meshes through Positive Mean Value Coordinates.
The softbodies collide with a voxelized representation of the rest pose mesh that is driven by the closest point on mesh average skeletal weight.


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