the Good, the Bad, the Title sequence

This title sequence was the first time Pixar attempted anything 2D. I am pretty sure it was also the first time After Effects was used on a finished shot for a Pixar feature. Just two people worked on the art and animation for the entire sequence. Oscar nominee Geefwee Boedoe conceived and designed it and I did all the After Effects animation and compositing. The first version we showed was rejected by John Lasseter because it was only white lines on black, and a little too scary, Geefwee was super devastated after the rejection and was ready to give up. He thought we would have to start all over again, and did not have enough time. I was not worried though, and I explained to him how AE was made for this problem. Since all our elements were black and white, I figured that we could just use the Tint effect to colorize the entire sequence. I was right. we did not have to redraw anything. Since it was the first real title sequence for a Pixar film, Steve Jobs had to give his approval for the final shot. After he gave his thumbs up we drank champagne in the Pixar theater (against the rules!)
Learning from Geefwee was a real treat and I had a blast working on it, it was like going to Disney boot camp.


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