Houdini - Go Procedural

This video is an introduction to my new Houdini digital asset called "RampBlend". The idea behind “RampBlend” is to help character riggers and animators get rid of complex muscle-systems which are often too slow, troublesome and tedious to set up. It was specifically created with the concept of “corrective blend shapes” in mind, where changes to the Blend factor trigger sequential morph targets. I 'd like to thank the wonderful Odforce community and Mangi who kindly provided the base arm model and rig.
You can download "RampBlend" at this url:

You can watch this video in full HD 1080 at this link:

Please notice that the speaking voice in this video is not mine. Although doing the voice over with my own voice was initially my purpose. Then I thought that a more understandable English accent would be more appropriate. I hope you don't mind...

j vimeo.com/74942919

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