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Location: Slovenia
Topic: A short movie about highly risked first High dive from an 18 m high cliff above waterfall of Great Kozjak.
Screenpaly and Directed by Ales Gregoric
Film editor, sound manager & special effects by David Jesenicnik
Camera: Ales Gregoric, David Jesenicnik, Pavel Gregoric
Actors: Jernej Klinar, Orlando Duque (A Guiness World records holder), Pino Auber (The oldest high diver in the World - still active)
Translators: Tajda Lekse & Erika Fratnik Brajdih
Special thanks to: Slovenian Railways, Institue of sport Jesenice, Red Bull

Cliff Diving or High Diving is one of the most attractive of extreme sports in the world and, even though it may seem average viewer lightweight, this is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. The competitor must be superior fit, but must also consider the jumps themselves. Many also require training, implementation and dynamics of the jump, because when a competitor is in the air, the only thing which stops the body is water. Before touching the water the jumper speed is around 100 km/h, but stops at a depth of about 4 meters. An incorrect entry into the water at such altitudes and speeds may lead to death.

What are the feelings when taking a high dive? Well, Jernej sais: "Before the jump, I find that I'm all alone, I want to be the one with the horizon. When I was in the air, time stops, noisy crowd disappears, enfolding me strange, soothing sound of silence and even it takes only a few seconds for the audience, it seems like forever to fly. The moment after the successful jump, for me is like the indescribable feeling of catharsis, adrenaline and uncontrollable desire for repetition and upgrading the jump. "


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