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12 Mart 1971 Cunta Hükümeti, ABD'nin baskısıyla, Haşhaş ekimini yasaklar. 3 yıl süren yasaktan binlerce çiftçi etkilenir. Belgesel bu 3 yılı anlatır. Bir yanda hükümetler, uluslararası politik oyunlar, diğer yanda haşhaş çiftçisi.

Turkish Government Junta March 12, 1971, under U.S. pressure, poppy cultivation bans. 3 years, thousands of farmers affected by the ban. "Opium Poppy Documentary" tells the third year. On one hand, governments, international politic games, on the other hand farmers popping.

Turkey, countries which for centuries the traditional poppy producer. World's best quality opium is grown in our country. In the world, half of the production of alkaloid substance made in Turkey.
Drug use also increased in the United States after World War II. Nixon lie about the lie that the Government of Turkey to 80% of drugs entering the country to convince their own society. United States begins to exert pressure on Turkey. These pressures will foul the government of Demirel.
March 12, 1971 the Government established the junta. Nihat Erim government's first acts is to prohibit poppy cultivation in Turkey. Ban on poppy cultivation, Ecevit - Erbakan government was removed. Turkish peasants, could not cultivate poppy for 3 years. Declined during this period and even increased drug use in the United States.
"Ban on Poppy October" nearly 200 thousand people made their living from agriculture affects this. Causes internal and external migration. U.S. - Turkey relations are stretched. Had major impact on Turkish politics and governments has resulted in changes.
Documentary, tells the events in the 1950s to the present day. Drama producer of opium peasants on the one hand, on the other, a parallel international political games and fiction is told what happened in Turkey.

Director: Yücel Ünlü
Time : 46.00"

j vimeo.com/36548971

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