Some 1D-C and RED EPIC footage taken quickly for and with my students during 2 hours course.
1D-C using a 24-70mm II at 4K MJPG 24 fps and RED EPIC using RED PRO ZOOM 18-85mm at 5k HD 3:1.
The first thing I noticed in this first try is despite of the MJPG and 8 Bits this 1D-C has an organic feeling.
It is quite very nice and it really overcome the 5D Mark III.
Against the RED EPIC I need more test … 24 fps is quite blocking many of my test because I'm in Europe...

Exterior shot I pushed the 1D-C to its maximum video ISO (6400 ISO) over this sensibility there is too much noise

Note: There is some jellow effect in exterior shot and it comes from FCPX stabilized shot (5 shots à stabilized)

NICE HD VERSION But Needs time to load. Be patient.

j vimeo.com/60140775

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