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Before recorded history there have been professions that have been tempered and preserved through time and still exist today. None of them have been more important than that of the metal worker. No other artisan could work with out the tools they made and no warrior could succeed in battle with out their forged weapons. In ancient times such a person was known in their world as 'The Blacksmith.'

One man in Pueblo, Colorado is living out his dream as a professional blacksmith.

Official Selection at the 'Indie Spirit Film Festival'

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Govannon Iron Works
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Alex Chavez

Special thanks to David Darling and the band Eluveitie for taking time in there day to respond to my request for permission to use their music. I hope this film spreads the great music that they create.

Songs In Order:
"The Picture"
David Darling
Used With Permission

Used With Permission

j vimeo.com/19286865

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