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8bit Keyboard street Performance of Gameboy's 1992 "Super Mario Land 2 Ending theme" song, wearing a horse mask.

Plot: After defeating the evil King Wario, Horse head Mario celebrates the return of his mushroom kingdom.

I'd like to thank Keeper1st's sheet music channel; where he transcribes popular game music wonderfully! He is a great friend with my inspiration -Tom Brier. Tom is without a doubt the most talented improvisationist sheet music reader alive today. I know if he had this sheet music he'd make mince meat out of my best performance, blindfolded! Please check out Keepers Youtube page, (see links below)


Wario End Battle Theme 0:00- 0:08
Wario Defeated Theme 0:09- 0:27
Super Mario Land 2 Staff Roll Ending Theme 0:27- 3:06

Original 0:27 - 01:30
Self creative Improve (Tom Brier Style) 01:30- 3:06

Filmed in Grafton, and Henry Street Dublin city on 29th June, 13th,16th, 19th and 20th of July
Shot on Canon 60D and 650D
Sound recording Zoom H4N and H1
Special thanks for Niall Conroy and Daniel Kennedy's fantastic

j vimeo.com/71105989

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