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Spiral (Kierre) is a two-channel videoinstallation.

Superficially the work is a videoversion of two sculptures. Both statyes are in Helsinki: The staue of Mannerheim on Mannerheimintie and the sculpture “The Boxers” on Siltasaari, near Hakaniemi. “The Boxers” were erected in 1932 and reflect that time - the time between the world wars and the values of that age. Finland had only recently gained independence, and young men were expected to be ready and willing to go to war to defend the young nation.
The feelings that are connected to the statue of Mannerheim in contemporary Finland show that these partly militaristic ideals still are valued. I think that it’s justified to ask if this and the portrayal of men associated with these ideals even can be one reason that according to the statistics in violent crime Finland is the most violent country in Western Europe.
Of course it’s not that simple and this is not the only reason, but it’s good to remember that violence is partly culturally learnt. We humans as a species might carry with us the predisposition for violence, but how this is expressed is largely formed by culture and learning.
On your own you don’t know how to form your fist in order to achieve the greatest damage. But once this is learned, you view it as part of yourself, and as something natural.

Helsinki, february 2010, Sebastian Lindberg


Apart from self-made music the work also uses loops and music released into the public domain through musopen.com and looperman.com. Among these Skidmore College Orchestra’s version of Modest Mussogorsky’s Pictures at an Exhibithion.

j vimeo.com/11990811

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