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I take no credit for the soundtrack.

About 2 months ago we where given the opportunity to make a commercial for Tele2. Since then we have been trying to push ourselves to the absolute limit in therms of stunts and camera work. We chose three of the most challenging extreme sports known to us : Downhill, Paintball and Skydiving.

We knew from the very beginning that this project had to be related to some of the work that we have been doing in the past, so we weren't completely on "new grounds". We had made a downhill movie, but the scope and scale on this one far exceeded to anything we had done in the past.

Going up in the air was a big challenge for the cinematography. I wanted to have all of the footage in the helicopter as stable as possible. So we tried mounting a tripod on the inside of the helicopter, but we quickly realized that the vibration from the rotor made the camera shake more than ever before. So I tried to use the steadicam, and i found that i could actually make it work. We had to connect a wire to the steadicam in case I would drop the camera, but it really didn't matter. All of the aerial sequences was shot using the 5D mark II with a 16-35 f2.8 on a glidecam HD 2000.

One of the things we did to change the cinematic style of this commercial was to turn the sharpness up to the maximum on the camera, and that obviously made a very good result. The quality of the shot improved massively. I found it to work very well for almost every scene we did, but I have to point out that there are certainly cases were you would need less sharpness to compose "the greatest image".

The final shot in the trailer seemed to work very well and was more or less the reason we decided to call this trailer "organic". We've captured so much beautiful video at every location we went to (most notably at Hemsedal) and we are looking towards showing you a great deal of it.

We are working as hard as we can on this project and we will release it as soon as we are finished.

j vimeo.com/52342407

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