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With the end of the snow melt upon us, we set out for Dipper Creek hoping that we would manage to catch it before the levels fell (or rose) to much.. and we were in luck! We rocked up and found it running at a great level so lowered into the gorge and committed to the most beautiful canyon I have ever seen. After Dipper there was a huge amount of rain which meant another early morning (a horrible hangover) and hope that the Ashlu would be running - turns out the river gods are smiling on us! We squeezed in 2 runs whilst the river was steadily rising from 16 - 23/24ish so we called it a day after lap 2 before it started to get a bit to mental. The next day we managed to catch the Callaghan before it dropped off at a nice intro medium level so truck and trailered it, finally getting to enjoy what will be my summer after work run - Stoked!! Now all we have to do is wait for the snow to fall and get out in that POW!

Music: Direct Influence - Far East

j vimeo.com/53192580

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