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"A few days before this was filmed, I'd encountered a big Bronze Whaler Shark whilst spearfishing this section of coastline near Whangarei, New Zealand. Being from the UK I am not used to sharks but that day the visibility was good and after a brief encounter we both went our separate ways.. I was ok with that.

This next dive the visibility was already bad, but as the current picked up it went from bad to worse. It'll probably surprise you to know that I never even knew encounter had taken place until I looked at the footage back here in the UK.

The Gopro camera I was using had accidentally tilted itself near vertical so when it looks like I'm looking forward, I'm actually looking down.. smashing sea urchins or 'Kina' as bait.

So there I was scanning through some clips.. and to my shock horror I see this huge silhouette cruise right past my me.. and then again a second pass.. he must have gone right over my head.. before I blindly go to surface right underneath him!

I remember that day now.. and several dives before this was filmed I turned abruptly, sensing something behind me.. a huge swirl of sand and silt was kicked up in a mushroom shape behind me.. I figured it was probably a ray I'd spooked.. now, other thoughts fill my mind!

I know Bronze Whaler Sharks aren't usually that bad.. but in the presence of a food source and spearfishermen they can be man-eaters. Either way.. in 1-2m visibility I would have bricked myself!

Hope you enjoyed this clip." James Keith

j vimeo.com/61383678

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