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Bigger Than Life Clothing Company presents the "Life of Chris Ryan" A documentary following a semi pro atv motocross racer struggling with the decision to give up on his love for racing due to his growing age and increasing expense of maintaining a bike, traveling, and race fees.

Created, directed, filmed, and edited by Los Angeles filmmaker Brock Kingsland. Featuring Donn Maeda editor in chief of Transworld Motocross Magazine, Garrett Andrews marketing coordinator for Motul lubricants, Clint Roberts owner of Blingstar industries, Albert Garcia & Tommy Bencharit co-owners of Cycle Depot, David Bugarin & Ruben Bello founders of Bigger Than Life Clothing, ATV Racer Andrew Cervantes, Rapper "Rude 9" Flores, Sean Hartigan owner of Lucid Media LLC, and more.

Production began in late 2011 with the intention of only capturing miscellaneous race footage. As time elapsed an evolving story began to develop and the decision to create a full blown documentary was underway. Photographed on iphone, GoPro Hero 2, Canon T2i, Canon T3i, Canon 5D, and Red Epic. Production's camera, lighting, and crew slowly evolved as Brock Kingsland's film career began to take off. Principal photography ended early 2013.

j vimeo.com/69061759

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