I got about 2.5 hours of video of this festival and cut it down to this hour. I may polish it up and cut it to highlights, but I never seem to actually get around to it. I am curious to see it with a better bitrate source on Vimeo though and how the pans look on different streaming devices (some seem to make them look choppy no matter how smooth they actually were). It was a great subject to exercise and practice with the fluid head.

The Regatta itself was for me something to do/see and be in the mix of the out of state/country visitors. In the context of my life the whole boathouse district thing represents to me a lavish lure for the local industry to entice talent to live and work here. Oklahoma has a traditionally very, very poor ranking for health and wellness in part due to the lack of opportunity for exercise. Every street now has a 'bike lane' or is a 'designated' bike route practically and while I like to ride too it humors me how much they've had to change to make it somewhere any outsiders would want to be.

I suppose my presence at these events has an element of seeing whatever conspiracy there may be to coerce me to promote Oklahoma to backfire. Otherwise, I don't have anything against rowing and I'm sure the out of state participants appreciate the facilities for their sport.

j vimeo.com/76513561

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