A walk through the gardens of Långholmen just after the rain.

Långholmen is an old prison island in center of Stockholm. The garden has an old history back to 1837 and if you stand in line for 10-15 years you can have a piece for your own.
To walk around is public. Långholmen islands old prison is now an hotel, a restaurant and a café. You can also find two beaches (with city view ) on the island and an auto camp.

At the last final scene from the bridge, Västerbron, I used 10x zoom on freehand with my ModoSteady, as I always use, as a shoulder-mount support. Always use it. In all movies
(someone asked what I used, here is the answer).

On the bridge, if I would turned 180 degree I could film, Old Town and The City Hall

And not to forget.. The music by Traffic in my head.
If you like the music you can find it here:


download for free or listen direct on the web.
You may need an account, but its free and easy

j vimeo.com/1509138

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