Monster Pond Hockey and Radar Runs held the weekend of February 11 2012 on Lake Nipissing.

This is the first real test I have done for video on the 5d2. The first thing I learnt is I really need to get some brand a variable ND filter and I'm open to suggestions. Hoping to get one that is good quality but wont break the bank. I had to shoot most of this at f22 to keep anywhere near 1/60 shutter speed. This is all sooc footage. I didn't color correct or edit the audio. I did set a custom white balance.

It was a cold weekend on the lake. Keeping warm should almost be listed as winter gear (many layers of clothes).. It was -35c most of the weekend and I was out with a few people from my camera club a few hours each day. Frozen fingers become a problem and your battery does not last as long in the cold. Although I was impressed that the 2 batteries in the grip lasted the weekend at those temps. Winter also means all that white snow fools your sensor so you need to be aware of it and compensate by 1/3- 11/2 stops

I'm looking forward to spring and some color to get out and start shooting some new video. Is everyone still using the rode vid mic or is there a better mic to use with the 5d2?. This is another accessory I need to get at some point.

Canon 5D Mark II +24-105L
Manfrotto 055xbpro legs and 488rc2 head

Edited in sony vegas

j vimeo.com/38518363

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