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I wanted to test a few different audio options with my new Canon T2i. And after watching some great informational videos from Dave Dugdale and Caleb Pike here on Vimeo, I thought I would post my test video so others could learn, and/or hopefully offer me some advice.

I had to film it over two days after I realized that I made a few errors with the audio equipment the first day. So I went back and re-record some of the tests today. But the second time I didn't get the right focus, the lighting had changed, overexposure, yadda yadda yadda... Oh well. I am posting this anyways.

1-Audio Technica ATR-3350
2-on camera mic- 6 feet from subject
3-Rode Videomic on top of camera- 6 feet from subject
4-Rode Videomic- homemade boom mic with cable extension- 3 feet from subject
5-iPod touch "voice memo" app
6-Olympus DRV- WS-210s
7-Audio Technica ATR-3350

Canon T2i // Tamron 17-50mm, f2.8
Final Cut Express // Magic Bullet Mojo
Song: "Turn Around" by Irration

-I turned up the iPod touch audio recording as high as it could go final cut express. Not sure if there is a better way to turn it up, either with the iPod, or in post. Any ideas?
- the Olympus recorder has some weird "wobbling" (I guess thats the best way to describe it). I realize now that I had it set to regular "HQ Mode", and it may have been better quality with "Stereo HQ Mode". Maybe that would have fixed it...
- who likes the jerry-rigged/painter's-taped boom mic?!?

Olympus DVR test...

For much better videos and information, see Dave and Caleb...


j vimeo.com/11372544

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